Homes connected
metres length of cable deployed in pressure sewer

About us

The Company

Almost everyone in the Netherlands is connected to the sewer (98 percent). By making use of the existing sewer system, it is possible to connect more people or companies on fiber. Jelcer was founded in 2010 and focuses on developing and providing technologies to the market. In the development Jelcer is working together with international partners.

The ambition

Jelcer’s ambition is that its products will be used in various infrastructures (gas, water and sewer). Besides that we are looking for an optimal mix between the traditional way (digging) and our solution (using existing infrastructures). We speak of a hybrid approach in our opinion the best way to realize a reliable fiber network.

100% reliable

Jelcer’s technology has been developed with technology partners with a great track record. Jelcer brings with its patents and concept these parties together in one solution. The cable (Prysmium Draka) is resistant to aggressive gases in the sewer. Draka gives the same warranty as a regular fiber optic cable. The provision of a cable into the pipe, requires a manifold at the entry point and is removed via the second cable passage in the second manifold at the exit point. The requirements and research have been set by the company Dyka BV (Tessenderloo group). Dyka places high demands on the materials. The manifold meets 30 bar resistance and meets all quality standards for pressure sewer systems. Pressure sewer systems are to be used in smaller, remote villages and where it is impractical or uneconomical to use a gravity sewer system. Dusseldorp appears with the specialist knowledge of the sewer system a powerful partner. Along with Jelcer has Dusseldorp now completed several projects. For water and gas solutions Jelcer works exclusively with the firm Friatec (a Germany based international firm).

The technique

With the Jelcer technique, it is easy to provide fast internet in remote villages and where it is impractical or uneconomical. Besides that it is possible to allow fast internet excess to: residences, power plants and GSM masts to be connected to a fiber optic network. Ultimately, the technique has been developed to make profitable unprofitable connections. Jelcer not only makes use of the sewer system. The technique is also suitable for connecting to bridge large distances from the waterworks or companies. Finally, it is easy for sewer operators to take measurements (heat, chemicals) into the existing infrastructure.